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Member Profiles

Genevieve had this wacky idea that, since no one likes to have their picture taken, everyone would make dollz to represent themselves here on the site and then write a little paragraph introducing themselves to the visitor.  This has worked better with some than with others.  So, those paragraphs that are in italics are written by Genevieve and will be replaced by ones written by the actual people as soon as she can get them to do it.  These are not meant to exactly represent the individuals exactly, but to be symbolic. 

These were made using Dollz Mania and Spookbot's Fat Dollmaker.



Brandon is an undergraduate student of an undecided major.  He is quiet about his practice but seems to be eclectic Wiccan.  He works at UPS.  He is an officer with The Acolytes of the Die, the gaming group on campus.  Brandon plays a lot of Dungeons and Dragons, as well as video games, and watches a lot of anime in his spare time.




Most people call me Cass or Cassie, which ever you feel like. I am the appointed Scribe of the PSU and if Iím not mistaken I am also the Treasurer (easy job cause we have no money.) I have only been practicing for a year and half. Before then I was Catholic, but mostly agnostic. I was drawn to paganism/Wicca because I liked the idea of being a direct participant in my religious activity. I am still learning different about the different traditions and may some day chose one, but for now I am happy in my eclectic ways. For fun I play Dungeons & Dragons. I am also currently DMing a game of my own set in the Dragonlance world.




Erin is a former student at UofL where she studied chemical engineering before deciding that life intended her to be a chef and getting her culinary arts degree from Sullivan University.  She is one of the founding members of the PSU and the only one of those three still associated with it.  Her practice combines eclectic and Celtic Wicca with a strong interest in Voodoo.  In her spare time she plays Dungeons & Dragons, LARPs extensively, reads sci-fi and fantasy novels and participates in an anime club.  She is recently handfasted.




I'm a graduate student studying for my MA in Humanities. I was introduced to the Craft in 1986 when I discovered Aleister Crowley. While my mother is also in the Craft, we are not a hereditary tradition; rather we are learning together. I am an eclectic neo-pagan/Wiccan. I have a wide range of interests in magick and the Craft. I'm very drawn to Aztec mythology and my patron gods are Tezcatilipoca and Miclantecutli. My totem animal is the hyena. For fun I play D&D, listen to music, watch a lot of anime & cartoons, read way too many comics and fanfic, and could be described as an otaku and a Trekkie. I also maintain my website.



John is an undergraduate student majoring in math.  He is interested in paganism but is not a practicing pagan. 








I am a Christian Witch or an Eclectic Christian. This is sort of like being in a mixed family. The Catholics think I'm the "devil" - much like foosball - and the pagans think I'm a spy for the other side (<--- Joke) :-) The observance of my faith very much resembles Wicca and I share a lot of the same beliefs as Wiccans. I am monotheistic but I have no problem calling the Deity Goddess. However, I believe in the plurality of the Deity - much like Catholics believe in the trinity. This is all a really brief overview of a path I have been on for over 15 years. I enjoy being a member of the PSU because the people are so great and they are so open to a wide variety of neo-pagan ideas and paths. We all - with our varied personal beliefs - can stand in circle together equally. Surely, no matter which path you follow, that kind of brotherhood is not easy to find.




I serve as the necessary faculty/staff advisor to the Phoenix Collective. I am an eclectic pagan who honors all aspects and forms of the Old Religion. Although I appeared to be Catholic for over forty years, in reality I was always pagan because I re-interpreted Catholicism to reflect my own convictions rather than adapt myself to follow its strictures. Eventually I discovered a better label for my belief system: paganism. I have worked in many jobs, but have remained at UofL since 1992. For fun I play Dungeons and Dragons and numerous other games, write fiction, draw and read. Since I'm pushing 60, I'm the resident crone of this group.




I'm a graduating senior at the University of Louisville, and hope to figure out one day what I want to be when I grow up.  I have been a part of the group for about a year and a half.  I'm interested in many different aspects, branches and traditions of paganism.  My specialty is mythology: Greek, Roman, Norse and Celtic (which I'm still working on).  For fun, I read voraciously, listen to music, and play D&D.




Sharon is the current vizier of the PSU and was initiated into Wicca when she was in high school in the 70s.  She is an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology, English and Humanities.  She has issues with foreign language or would have graduated by now.  In her spare time, Sharon loves to play Dungeons and Dragons as well as GURPS, reads voraciously, and does some work substitute teaching in Bullet County.