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Merry meet and welcome! 

You've found the website for the Pagan Student Union at The University of Louisville.  We are a recognized student organization dedicated to providing community and support for pagan believers and interested individuals both on and off campus.

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Update for 1-25-05 Sorry about how some of the things are looking that will be fixed very, very soon. Um I was also wondering if anyone would like to be able to post like an FAQ themselves or something kinda like a forum. Please I am always welcome to suggestions! -David
Update for 1-19-05

Finally was able to start on the code with the web-site I would like to know if anyone would want a serch engine? I can make that happen. Please e-mail me with any suggestions or comments. I will also take dolls now to put up. Sorry for the delay. I will be looking at code for the next few weeks so ask and I will try to find it. If I cannot find it I will do my best to get it made. Also since it's extreamly difficult to update these pages I will work to keep the pop-ups out.